Hay-Bale-AbleTired of hay being spread all over the barn? Our unique feeder is light-weight, simple to use, and easy to clean. Animals can't remove the grate from the feeder. It will not rot or rust, and the grate causes no splinters, cuts, or broken teeth as wood or metal grate systems can. Proudly made in America of FDA-approved materials.

We are the sole distributor of this fantastic product for Maryland and Delaware. The Hay-Bale-Able is available in both half-bale and full-bale sizes.

Benefits of the Hay-Bale-Able:

  • Fewer parasites
  • Less hay waste
  • Neater barns
  • Cleaner animals

How It Works

  1. Drop a bale of hay into the feeder and snip the twine. Alternatively, you can fill the feeder with loose hay.
  2. Slide the grate in the slot on the end of the feeder.
  3. Your  Hay-Bale-Able is ready to use.
  4. The grate floats on top of the hay and drops as hay is consumed. 


Product Details:

  • Large size holds full bale of hay
    • $320 (includes shipping)
    • 26” wide x 18” high x 50” long
    • Weight 40 pounds
  • Small size holds half bale of hay
    • $220 (includes shipping)
    • 25"wide x 18" high x 25" long
    • Weight 20 pounds